14 Febbraio 2019

Informatics Engineering and Optimization

MICC – Media Integration and Communication Center: computer vision, deep learning, visual recognition, 3D object retrieval, large scale multimedia indexing and retrieval, cultural heritage.

CVG – Computational Vision Group: computer/robot vision, HCI for the visually impaired, 3D/augmented reality, image forensics

AILab – Artificial Intelligence: hyperparameter optimization, learning for biomedical applications, text analysis, document engineering, handwriting and graphics recognition.

GOL – Global optimization Lab: machine learning, data mining, prescriptive analytics, predictive analytics, production, optimization, logistics, supply chain, scheduling.

DISIT – Distributed Systems and Internet Technologies: data management, user engagement, semantic computing, expert systems, IoT brokers and microservices, smart cloud, mobile computing, natural language processing.

STLab – Software Technologies Lab: software architectures, enterprise applications, stochastic modeling, real-time systems, formal methods for safety critical systems.